2023 Bloom Where You’re Planted Winners

Sep 23, 2023 | Contests

WVCA 2023 Bloom Winners

This past year, West View Community Association asked 2 West View residents to look around for public garden spots and send in photos from the 14 streets that run from Norwich and Center Avenue to Park Avenue. With the generous support from First National Bank, Pittsburgh Senior News and other local businesses, WVCA awarded gift certificates to the residents of the four gardens pictured above: 

$75 – Target Gift Card, $75 – Center Avenue Slice Pizza, $75 – Children’s Museum, $75 – West View Subway 

Are you proud of the beautiful gardens you’ve created at your residence, place of business or elsewhere in the community? Now you can show off your handiwork by entering West View Community Association’s annual Bloom Where You’re Planted photo contest! Next Year, 2024. 

The contest is open to all West View residents and awards first, second and third place prizes. All winners receive gift cards and are featured on WVCA’s website and Facebook page. Check our Facebook and Website next June 2024 for details on how to enter. 

WVCA thanks everyone who participated (including the four winners featured on this page) and encourages all “green-thumb-ers” to join the photo competition in 2024. Visit our website at wvcapgh.org to learn more. You can also follow us on Facebook. Thank you, Lynn Webster, Founder, West View Community Association.

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