About the WVCA

The community of West View is coming together as residents and business owners to make West View a better place to live—now and for generations to come!

Consider joining WVCA! The only requirement for membership is a willingness to participate and be more involved in the West View community. There is no cost to be a member or to participate in any of our events.

About WVCA

Keystone Projects

WVCA Community Relations

Community Relations

  • Recommended Ridgewood Church Food Pantry for an outstanding service award from the Allegheny County Council
  • Contributed news to West View Borough’s newsletter and website to keep residents up to date
  • Lobbied West View Borough to install holiday lights on the Ridgewood Avenue bridge
  • Provided free marketing and outreach regarding local events on the WVCA Facebook page
  • Requested and received a speed limit sign on Beechmont Avenue
  • Lobbied West View Borough to create a green space on Center Avenue from Oakwood to Frankfort along the former trolley tracks. West View Borough is currently searching for funding to add trees and flowers, a walking path, parking spaces, garbage cans and benches
WVCA Landscape Clean Up

Landscaping / Clean Up

  • Weeding, mulching and planting flowers and shrubs on Center Avenue from Ridgewood Bridge to Beechmont Steps and Wexford Alley
  • Removing leaves and trimming branches in various locations so pedestrians can use public sidewalks
  • Assisted a senior resident with removing large stones from his yard
  • Assisted a disabled senior with trimming trees, cleaning leaves, and weeding at his apartment building
  • Removing a broken fence (with the tenant’s permission) and cleaning up the front of the apartment buildings
  • Hosted Community Clean-Up Day October 14, 2023
WVCA Community Events

Community Events

  • Delivered holiday baskets to 10 West View older adults
  • Assisted Our Lady of Mount Carmel Community Center with their Senior Fair by providing free advertising, marketing, carnations, fruit bars and entertainment
  • Hosted a neighborhood block party with food and entertainment
  • Donated a popcorn machine and hot dog warmer to West View Hub
  • Hosted a block party on Beechmont Avenue August 2022 and 2023

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