Premier Beautification Projects

May 5, 2024 | Projects, Volunteer

Our volunteers weeded the ground around the Beechmont Steps and planted flowers among the rocks. Instant color and charm!



WVCA Beautification Beechmont Steps

What a difference it makes to have a freshly painted block wall and a landscaped space near the bus stop on Center Avenue, below the Ridgewood Steps. West View Borough kindly donated a black garbage can and their painting services.




WVCA Beautification Ridgewood Steps

This road, which borders West View and Ross Township, needed some TLC so our volunteers removed the brush.





WVCA Beautification Brush Removal

A section of the sidewalk along Oakwood Avenue was not usable by pedestrians until our team cleared off dirt and debris.






WVCA Beautification Oakwood Sidewalk

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